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Standard Service Fees

Routine Service: $60.00, GUARANTEED

Bulk Service: $15.00 each additional serve at same address, Guaranteed
Personal Service Only: $20.00, Flat
Affidavit of Due Diligence: $35.00, Flat
Incorrect Address Fee: $20.00 Flat
Filing Affidavit, by mail: $10.00 plus court fees, Flat
Filing Affidavit in Person: $75.00 plus court fees, Flat
Certificate of Conformity: $50.00, Flat
Waiting Time: $100.00/hr, Flat

Attendance Fees: $2.00 in county; $2.00 per 30 miles of travel outside of county
Federal District Court Attendance Fee: $55.00 plus mileage

Printing Fees Per Service
First 20 pages: FREE
Over 20 pages: 10 cents per page

Expedited Service Fees

RUSH (24-48 hrs): $25.00, Flat

NEXT DAY  (by end of next day): $50.00, Flat

SAME DAY (by end of today): $70.00, Flat

RIGHT NOW! (immediate):  $240.00, Flat

Additional Services

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Routine Service: Usually served within 3 to 7 business days. Service time frame may vary according to difficulty.
Guaranteed:  No Serve, No Fee. No matter what.
Flat:  Charged regardless of outcome.

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