There are two ways to initiate your request.

OPTION #1: ServeManager

The fastest, easiest and ultimately most efficient way to begin your request for service is to submit an online information form that enables us to add you to our ServeManager platform.

If you’ve never used ServeManager, we encourage you to check out their website. They are the gold standard in process service today.

The account you create to use our services is covered by our agency, so you will have access  to the software at no additional cost to you. Once we approve your account, you will receive an invitation to join ServeManager and will be able to upload your documents directly into the secure system.

From that point, we will verify your request and assign a server. You will be notified automatically at each interval of the serve progress. You may also log into your account at any time to monitor progress.

Our servers use GPS tracking to log serve attempts; are able to upload digital photos and documents as needed; and will send digital confirmation immediately once service is made.

If ServeManager sounds like the kind of tool you’d want to use, click here to initiate your process service request.

OPTION #2: Traditional

Many of our clients are more comfortable doing business the way it’s been done for years. If you’d prefer to mail, fax, or email your request for service, we will gladly assist you.

However, it’s still not too late to use our ServeManager platform after submitting your request in these more traditional ways. Simply let us know that you want to use the technology to allow you to receive updates and GPS monitoring of your serve progress. We will walk you through your options for accessing ServeManager at that time.

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