What Types Of Documents Do You Serve?

Service of Process Offered:
1. Summons and Complaint
2. Subpoena
3. Notice of Claim
4. Citation
5. Order to Show Cause
6. Divorce
7. Foreclosure
8. Service on incarcerated individuals
9. If we can carry it we will serve it.

What Additional Fees Might Be Charged?

We have no hidden costs or charges. Please visit our fees page for a complete list of charges

How Many Attempts Do You Make?

Routine Service will usually be served within 3 to 7 business days. Being our service is guaranteed, we will continue to make attempts until served or until we deem the subject unservable. We will then contact you for further instructions, I.E. issue an Affidavit or Due Diligence, Skip Trace or receive additional information from you or your client.

How Do I Know You Actually Attempted Service?

We use State-of-the-art GPS tracking software. Our attempts will be emailed to you with the GPS Proof.

Do You Provide Proof of Service?

YES. As part of our service to you, We mail to you a notarized Proof/ Affidavit of Service at no additional cost.

Do You File Papers at the Court?

YES. We do any type of filings.
Filing Affidavit by mail: $10 plus court fees if any.
Filing Affidavit in Person: $75 plus court fees if any.

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